Are you a Coach, Change-maker, Innovator or Leader, battling to get the attention you deserve? You have a voice, only nobody hears. You want to make real, tangible change in the world but does anyone know you exist? Do they know what you stand for? If so, then why is it so difficult to lock down business and clients?

You know you can radically change peoples lives, only how to get out there authentically? Without sounding like a standard issue clone, a sales-machine churning out standard-marketing speak?

‘I make a difference!’ Why can’t they see that?

Resource and energy is waning and you want to give up. Beyond frustrating isn’t it?

I help change-makers create powerful personal brands on and off-line so they get seen, attract the clients and work they LOVE through delivering their message in the most authentic and compelling way.

My clients learn:

  • To drop the facade, to release the mundane messaging.
  • To establish a brilliant brand that shines, acts as a beacon, targets the RIGHT people meaning you can stop SHOUTING and scatter-gunning people.
  • Solid systems that ensure you, your business, your career flourish.
  • A deep gut-level understanding of what really matters to you and how you matter to the world.
  • You are a SPECIALIST not a generalist and this is what the people want.
  • How to master authentic self-promotion and cutting edge social media tools.
  • How to rally your troops and engage in relationships with integrity and truth.
  • To LEAD. You have opinions, beliefs, purpose and passion. The world is crying out for great leaders with vision.

Personal brands are not just for the rich and famous. Having a strong resonant identity means that you get seen. It means your life mission, your purpose has a channel, an audience. It means you get air-time, you get clients, you win.

Be the change, the world is waiting!

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Phil Askew Phil Askew CPCC
The Brand Discovery Coach